Scientific Origins of Whole Body Vibration

Over 40 years ago, the Russian space program

found it difficult for their cosmonauts to maintain

normal body strength in zero gravity state of

outer space.  Without gravity, conventional

exercise was out of the question.  This caused

weakness in muscles throughout the body including

heart muscle and dramatic decrease of bone density.

To overcome this dilemma “resistance training” was

developed,  based on vibrating the whole body to cause

muscle fibers to contract and release in a millisecond.

The former Soviet Union, the leader in the space program at that time, applied whole body vibration (or WBV) to their cosmonauts.  Results were astonishing, as they could remain in space for about 420 days, whereas American astronauts would need to return home after only 120 days.

Since then, the former Soviet Union utilized whole body vibration for muscle strengthening of their athletes and thereby enhancing the performance of their national team players, achieving breakthrough records in numerous Olympic games.

As the countless benefits of WBV provided evidence for itself, sports teams of various European countries began using whole body vibration platforms.  They experienced remarkable enhancements of muscle strength, endurance, balance and coordination, bone mineral density improvements, increased energy and stamina, fat loss, improvement of circulation and lymphatic system and pain relief with amazing results.  This technique provided efficient conditioning with less effort and time as compared to conventional exercise or gym workouts.

Since the explosion of WBV in Europe, the United States now utilizes WBV in many of its rehabilitation clinics (see Mayo Clinic article), athletic training centers, doctors’ and chiropractic offices.  WBV has also become extremely popular for home and office use as it saves time traveling to and from the gym.  Customers enjoy the convenience and privacy of having one of Vibra Therapy platform machines in their home and at their office to use throughout their work day. goes beyond the existing market with affordable, stylish, compact and powerful vibration platform machines utilizing advanced vibration technology.