Vibration Platform Machines Exercise and Health

Listen to what customers say…

What if it felt GOOD to exercise?

You’d do it everyday, right?  Rain or shine, no excuses.  Get younger.  Lose that gut.  Do a few 10-minute sessions everyday.  Strengthen your arms and upper back?  Loosen tight shoulders and neck?  10-minute session 3x a week. Big hint: put your machine by a television, make your time count.

strong arms upper back

Time Efficient: Take Care of Yourself Everyday

Use 10-minute sessions to get fit.  Be consistent, see results.  As you get stronger, add more sessions and exercises to target different muscle groups.  Workout aerobically using the interval training program 3x week to increase stamina.  Cross-train to power up your sports performance: tennis, running, golfers, skiers,  whatever you do will be better and easier.  Get rid of knots and tensions from sitting in front of a computer.  Stretch tight muscles, get your groove back. Developed for the space program nearly 40 years ago, vibration plates are now available for home and office.  Worldwide research confirms the many benefits unique to using these machines:

• Improve circulation

• Burn calories, lose weight

• Increase heart strength, stamina

• Relieve pain and muscle tension

• Promote balance and flexibility

•Drive lymphatic drainage

• Improve digestion

•Build bone density

•Stimulate fat loss

• Relieve arthritis

Vibration platforms for home and office

Platinum Dual Motor Fitness Platform

The Dual Motor vibration plate is becoming our most popular model.  It features two motors which run simultaneously, individually and in variable speeds in the three preset programs. One motor moves in a see-saw action, while the other moves in a spiral vibration.  There is an enhancement of the overall results while using the Dual Motor as compared to the other machines.  However, most people notice that the spiral vibration seems to “smooth” the rocking of the plate and penetrates deeper into the muscle and bones. 

Another feature is a separate USB flash drive to customize your own aerobic workout routines:  create 6 programs choosing your own speed and timing patterns.  Create a more gentle routine for recovery after illness, injury or when just starting to exercise.  Create a vigorous athletic routine for building strength quickly when desiring to make a breakthrough to a new level of stamina.

With a sleek and handsome European design, it looks great in any home, gym, or office setting.  Click here for machine specifications.

Retail list price:   $3499. 

Vibra Therapy Dual Motor Model  (JT06B-1-USB).  Two independent motors: pivotal oscillation and lineal vibration.

Please call:   323-222-1787 for special and event pricing.

Professional vibration plate

Professional Fitness Platform

The Professional machine is popular in home gyms, business locations, office recreational rooms, doctors’ offices, hotel lobbies, beauty spas and more.

The sturdy arm support and handles offer a stable aid for balance.  For example, the front bar (underneath display) is perfect for resting the arms when performing the “back release” pose.  The front-side handles make it comfortable, easy and super secure to hold onto for balance and for gripping while doing the “abdominal” poses.  The open design of the frame allows for the legs and body to extend beyond the plate, adding to the unique and compatible design of the Professional model.

The digital controls are simple to use and read.  Change speed from 0.5 to 50 levels; adjust time with preset buttons or manual increments. There are digital displays showing calories burned, distance travelled and time on the machine.

Athletic European design.  Click here for machine specifications. 

Retail list price:   $2499.

Vibra Therapy Professional Model. Single motor with pivotal oscillation featuring the front and front-side bars for exercise and balance.

Please call:   323-222-1787 for special and event pricing.

Platinum Single Motor Fitness Platform

Similar in stylish design as our Dual Motor model, the Platinum is a single oscillation motor vibration platform.  There are 3 built in aerobic 10-minute presetprograms and manual mode for powerful and effective workouts.   Also, included as an added feature is a separate USB flash drive to customize your own aerobic workout routines.

With a sleek and handsome European design, it looks great in any home, gym, and office setting.  Included are detachable cloth straps used to strengthen upper body, arms and shoulder blade muscles.  The side handles offer a stable aid for balance which include digital controls to change speed, time and program settings, and heart monitor.  

The most effective workout isn’t complicated: create your own regular schedule at your convenience.  Be consistent and reach your goals.   

All models have wheels for easy mobility within your home and office environment.   Click here for machine specifications.

Retail list price:   $2999.

Vibra Therapy Platinum Model  (JT06B-3 USB).

Single motor pivotal oscillation.

Please call:   323-222-1787 for special and event pricing.

compact folding portable vibration plate

Portable Fitness Platform

The portable vibration machine is a compact design with an easy to fold console handle for convenient storage and transport.  The small footprint is the answer to limited space in offices, dorm rooms or apartments.  It can fit under the bed or desk, however we recommend that it be set up and ready to go whenever you are.  The machine becomes a natural reminder that it is easy to take care of yourself daily.  Place it near a television  and make your time constructive and strengthening.  No more couch potatoes.

This machine is popular with RV owners, vacationers, travelers and “snowbirds” who take their portable machine on the road.  They can exercise regardless of weather conditions and on their own schedule.

The handles assist in balance and the digital console programs are easy and fun to use.  There are four 10-minute preset aerobic programs and manual mode functions.  In manual mode, the choice of speed and time can be increased or decreased as preferred.  Click here for machine specifications.

Retail price:   $1499.

Vibra Therapy Portable Model.

Single motor pivotal oscillation.

Please call:   323-222-1787 for special and event pricing.