Professional Specifications

The single motor Professional model is a pivotal oscillation vibration platform with manual modes and one aerobic 10-minute preset program for powerful and effective workouts.

The Professional fitness platform has a unique design making it popular in home gyms, business locations, office recreational rooms, doctors’ offices, hotel lobbies, beauty spas and more.

The sturdy arm support and handles offer a stable aid for balance.  For example, the front bar (underneath display) is perfect for resting the arms when performing the “back release” pose.  The front-side handles are comfortable and super secure for balance and stepping onto the plate.  These handles are ideal for doing “abdominal” poses.  The open design of the frame allows for the legs and body to extend beyond the plate, adding to the versatility of the Professional model.

The digital controls are simple to use and read.  Change speed from 05 to 50 levels; adjust time with preset buttons or manual increments.  There is one preset aerobic program.  There are digital displays showing calories burned, distance travelled and time on the machine.

Included are detachable cloth straps with handles that fasten to the vibrating plate itself to strengthen upper body, arms and shoulders.  For releasing tension in the arms, shoulders, upper back and neck:  stand on the floor and use a higher speed. The vibration transfers through the straps effectively releasing tension and knots in the upper body.  Tight muscle groups can be targeted.

All models have wheels for easy mobility within your home and office environment. (Note: wheels are not suitable for rough outdoor pavement.)

Retail price:   $2499.

Please call:   323-222-1787 for special and event pricing


Input voltage:   110v/60Hz

Motor power:   1000W/ 2 hp

Seesaw amplitude:   ¼ inch   (10mm)

Seesaw vibration frequency:   5-15Hz

Speed levels:   05-50

Programs:   manual and one (1) preset aerobic program

Display:   program, time, speed, calories and distance

Approximate dimensions:   29 (W) x 26 (D) x 56 (H) inches

                                           (74  (W) x 66 (D) x 142 (H) cm)

Maximum acceptable body weight on platform: 400 lbs  (182 kg)

Total weight of assembled machine: 125 lbs  (57 kg)

Platform base weight: 98 lbs  (45 kg)

Platform tower weight: 27 lbs  (13kg)