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We offer one of the most efficient forms of exercise on the market today: vibration fitness with a selection of platform machines for home and office. 

What are these vibration machines supposed to do?”  

In 10-minute sessions you get fit. It’s fun, fast and easy.  It’s simple!  You get on with your day without eating up a lot of your precious time and energy.  As you get stronger, you can increase the number of sessions per day.  Imagine finishing your day with a relaxing 10-minute massage to pull stress right out of your body and mind.

Muscle fibers contract and release in response to the vibration of the plate.  This action takes place in a millisecond and is experienced as “jiggling” not as an aggressive contraction of entire muscle groups.  It feels pleasant.  Tone muscles, easy on joints, using low impact vibration.

Benefits include:

  • Improved Circulation
  • Burn calories, lose weight
  • Increase heart strength and stamina
  • Relieve pain and muscle tension
  • Promote balance and flexibility
  • Drive lymphatic drainage
  • Improve digestion
  • Build bone density
  • Stimulate fat loss
  • Relieve inflammation

Why Am I Doing This?

I found a revolutionary way to help others

My name is Nils Vidstrand.  I’ve been a commercial photographer for over 32 years and a health and fitness nut all my life.  I’m surrounded by clients at my studio or at events and weddings, that’s the nature of my business.  My business focuses on trying to get the “very best appearance possible” out of products and people.  No matter their age, gender or careers, people surprised me over and over again by confiding about their aches, pains and woes.  I heard a lot of reasons why they were “not at their best.”  People wanted to look and feel healthy, beautiful and fit.  Folks were asking for help and looking for an answer.

Nils Vidstrand demonstrating WBV platform

“You’re 20 years older than me, yet you ran up those stairs in no time and you’re not even out of breath like I am!  What’s up with that?”   A young client gasped, following me up the stairs to my second-floor studio in Little Tokyo, a neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

There are so many excuses for not being fit: not enough time and too busy, too overweight and too stressed-out to even try, too embarrassed to go to the gym, too tired to exercise, no self-discipline to stick with a routine.

When I went to various festivals and expos I noticed so many people were out-of-shape, overweight, and dragging their heels with an absence of vitality.  They seemed much older than they were.

This was too much!  I knew there must be an easier, more desirable and faster way for people to get and stay in shape.  Everyone wanted to feel and look better without super dieting. They wanted to avoid fitness trainers and long hours day after day at an expensive gym.  They wanted a fitness schedule that could fit into their life.

While photographing vibration platforms on a commercial product shoot, I discovered vibration fitness.   I was impressed by the remarkable benefits from simply standing on a platform.  Let alone, you could do simple postures, easy exercises, and aerobic workouts.  For me, this solution was a “no-brainer.”  I immediately began to share what I learned.

In the comfort and privacy of your own home and office, you can discreetly take care of your own health and fitness.  You can achieve amazing results in a fraction of the time and with less effort compared to conventional exercise.

Not only do we sell machines to private families for home and office use, but we also install platforms in company recreational room facilities, in the offices of doctors, chiropractors, acupuncture and health practitioners, and massage therapist businesses.  Several beauty spas are now offering sessions on vibration plates to their clients.  They know circulation is a basic key to real beauty.

We have a calendar of upcoming events, conferences, health fairs, and rallies. 

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