Contact in the Desert 2019

Indian Wells, CA. – Vibrate Fitness from Pasadena, California will be exhibiting at the world’s largest UFO conference, Contact in the Desert. The 7th annual event held at the Renaissance Resort and Spa in Indian Wells, California from May 31-June 3, attracts thousands of attendees looking to update news about the cosmos, national space programs, ETs and abductions, ancient human history, crop circles, and the latest technologies for modern living.

Such scientists and luminaries as Erich von Daniken, Graham Hancock, Linda Howe, David Wilcock, Laura Eisenhower, Nassim Haramein, plus many more of the “whos who” of the UFO research community will contribute to over 50 lectures, 36 workshops, eight panels, and 13 intensive workshops. Included in the conference are extra-curricular films, excursions, and cutting-edge products and exhibits by vendors.

“We are excited to contribute to the Contact in the Desert 2019 conference for the second time,” says Nils Vidstrand from Vibrate Fitness. “As the most famous UFO conference in the world, it confronts controversial findings and presents the most up to the minute news concerning the world of outer space. With so many lectures and workshops, attendees will be busy taking in all the information.

“Vibrate Fitness has a special tie-in with the space program,” continues Nils Vidstrand. “Scientists found a way to prevent cosmonauts from losing muscle mass and bone density while in zero gravity of space. The beginning of resistance training and low-impact exercise started with space travel over forty years ago. They used vibration plates to condition muscle tone and to strengthen bones. Recent studies have shown that 10-minutes on a vibration machine is equivalent to 40 to 60 minutes on a stationary bike because of the efficient way muscles fibers contract and release while standing on the plate.” For more about the history and scientific basis of the vibration fitness machines, go here: vibration machines history.

This space age technology has come a long way in forty years. The machines, suitable for in-home use or installed in the office, may be an answer to overly busy schedules and counter “bad posture” from hunching over computers.

Vibrate Fitness will demonstrate four types of modern vibration machines from a portable vibration plate to a sleek powerhouse, giving attendees a chance to see if they like this form of exercise. The routines on each plate range from a passive stance to highly choreographed set of movements depending on a person’s needs and their goals for fitness.

At contact in the Desert 2019, Nils Vidstrand and his team will share more details about exercising on a vibration plate and how to benefit just like the spacemen.

Visit Us in the Crystal Amphitheater

Friday,  May 31    9 am – 10:45 pm

Saturday,  June 1   8:30 am – 9 pm

Sunday,  June 2   7:30 am – 9 pm

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