Platinum Dual Motor Specifications

The Dual Motor machine is becoming our most popular model.  It features two motors which run simultaneously, individually and in variable speeds in the preset programs. One motor moves in a seesaw action, while the other moves in an up-down or lineal vibration.  These motors can be used together or separately.  There is an enhancement of the overall results while using the Dual Motor as compared to the other machines.  However, most people notice that the up-down lineal vibration seems to “smooth” the seesaw or rocking of the plate while penetrating deeper into the muscle and bones.  

Also, an added feature is a separate USB flash drive to customize your own aerobic workout routines.  You are able create 6 programs choosing your own speed and timing patterns for aerobic conditioning.  You can create a more gentle routine for recovery after illness, injury or when just starting to exercise.  You can also create a vigorous athletic routine for building strength quickly when desiring to make a breakthrough to a new level of stamina.

With a sleek handsome European design, it looks great in any home, gym or office setting.  Included are detachable cloth straps used to strengthen upper body, arms and shoulder blade muscles.

The side handles offer a stable aid for balance which include digital controls to change speed, time and program settings and also a heart monitor.

All models have wheels for easy mobility within your home or office environment.  (Note: wheels not suitable for rough outdoor pavements.)

Retail price:   $3499.

Please call:   323-222-1787 for special and event pricing


Model name:  Vibra Therapy Dual Motor Model  (JT06B-1-USB)  Two independent motors: pivotal oscillation and lineal vibration

Input voltage:  100-120v/60Hz   (220-240v/50 Hz with adapter)

Motor power:  1000w

Seesaw amplitude:  ¼ inch (10mm)

Seesaw vibration frequency:  5-15Hz

Horizontal displacement:  0.078 inch  (2mm)

Spiral or lineal vibration frequency: 15Hz – 40Hz

Speed levels:  01- 60

Manual, 3 preset programs and user defined modes:

 Manual (H L)

 (3) Timed preset programs:  P1, P2 and P3

 (6) User defined programs via USB flash drive

   Display:  program, time and speed

Approximate dimensions:   23 x 27 x 53 inches   (58 x 68 x 134 cm)

Maximum acceptable body weight on platform:  350 lbs  (159kg)

Total weight of assembled machine: 136 lbs  (62 kg)
Platform base weight: 102 lbs  (46 kg)
Tower weight: 34 lbs  (16 kg)