Globe Sound Healing Conference September 24-26, 2016

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The Sound Healing Research Foundation performs clinical research on the use of sound and music for the following issues:  pain management,  autism,  ADD/ADHD,  PTSD treatment for veterans with anger, grief, depression, anxiety and panic attacks,  drug rehabilitation,  sleep disorders; for preemies, babies and young children and sound healing for elementary and high school students in private and public schools.

Twenty of the top researchers, pioneers, instructors, doctors, sound therapists and musicians in the field will address important issues and topics in this rapidly expanding technology of sound healing.  This event is a good balance of sound healing science, new technologies and life transforming experiential workshops and concerts.

Stop by our booth for a demonstration of how vibrating your entire body can increase well-being, strength, reduce stress and provide support for busy lifestyles.

Globe Sound Healing conference lectures and vendors
David Gibson teaching workshop at Globe Sound Healing Conference