International Congress of Estheticians and Spas

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Returning for their sixth year, Vibrate Fitness from South Pasadena, CA, is proud to announce their attendance at The International Congress of Estheticians and Spas (ICES) at the Long Beach Convention Center on September 23-24.  They will be at their booth #719 demonstrating vibration platform machines to tradespeople eager for the latest in beauty innovations.

This event is the beauty industry’s premier show to bring together thousands of the world’s most influential and experienced skin care and spa professionals.

“We had an immediate reception here at ICES,” said Nils Vidstrand of Vibrate Fitness. “Estheticians understood the advantages of moving circulation and lymph as the foundation of healthy radiant skin.  They’ve installed these machines in their clinics and spas for their clients.  Before a facial, massage or beauty treatment they use the machine to get the blood flow moving, then they do their work.  Sometimes their clients stand on the machine after their treatment to move the lymph to reduce inflammation and puffiness further.”

Vibrate Fitness has a variety of vibration plate machines available to suit virtually any need and budget as shown on their website at  “One spa owner originally bought a machine to use at home for her tight neck and shoulders and to build muscular strength. She got relief for the stress and got stronger.  Then she bought another machine for her staff to use at work.  Then she started introducing the vibration platform to her clients, ” said Nils Vidstrand,  “Everyone was thanking her. Now her clients are setting up their machines at home too.”

The Vibrate Fitness website features a research section which lists studies from WebMD, universities, hospitals, and others, to support the benefits of using the vibration plates for a variety of challenges or ailments. Sports teams of elite athletes incorporate vibration machines in their workout routines and recuperation plans. Now beauty spas are finding this space-age technology useful in their pursuit of glowing skin, relaxation, and toned muscles.

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“We can take better care of ourselves and see the results. These vibration platform machines build muscle strength, bone density, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, in less time and less effort. Compared to conventional exercise or gym workouts: 10-minutes of vibration equals 40-60 minutes on a stationary bike. It’s easy on the joints,” concluded Nils Vidstrand.

Sunday – Monday, August 23 – 24

Our Booth Show hours:

Sunday, August 23    9:30 am – 6:00 pm

Monday, August 24     10:00 am – 5:30 pm

Location and Parking

Long Beach Convention Center 

300 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach,  CA 90802

For parking information and directions, call (562) 436-3636

Parking is $10 per car per entry to any of the Center’s lots.