Maricopa Home and Garden 2019 at Arizona State Fairgrounds

Vibrate Fitness from South Pasadena, California, announced that they would exhibit the latest in fitness equipment with vibration machines at the Maricopa Home and Garden Show January 11-13, 2019 at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.
Maricopa County sponsors the premier home shows in the Phoenix area featuring everything for home and garden improvement. Company owners and experts present solutions for windows, cabinets, flooring, hot tubs and spas, bathroom upgrades, appliances, and remodeling supplies. Landscaping designers, garden accessories, DIY demos, and seminars will guide attendees to a more beautiful modern home, inside and out.

“This is our seventh year coming out to the Arizona expos. We’ve surprised folks with our exercise machines; they weren’t expecting us at a home show,” said Nils Vidstrand of Vibrate Fitness. “We met busy contractors, retired professionals remodeling their homes, new parents with kids in tow, and students. Two complaints I heard consistently: “we don’t have enough time to exercise” and “I have aches and pains.” I could show them a simple 10-minute routine standing or sitting on the machine that didn’t impact their joints. The vibration builds muscle strength, and if they step onto the plate daily, they’ll see results. For the folks that need scientific evidence, I usually direct them to our research page with a list of studies from universities and medical schools.” (

“However, what usually impresses them the most is that this invention by scientists debuted over forty years ago,” continued Nils Vidstrand. “Astronauts were losing muscle mass in zero gravity and scientists discovered “resistance exercise.” This method of contracting muscle fibers is so efficient nowadays that 10 minutes on a vibration plate equals 40 to 60 minutes on a conventional treadmill or stationary bike. So I encourage folks to put their machines by their television to get 10 to 30 minutes of exercise daily, without realizing they’re working out.”

January is the time of new year’s resolutions. This home show promises to help us repair, upgrade, and take care of our house, garden, and even our exercise regime. Put on your best walking shoes to explore “home and life” improvement at the Maricopa Home and Garden Show.

Visit Our Booth in the Plaza Building #2030

Find us in the Plaza Building next to the special guest Tiny Homes exhibit at:

“The Tiny Homes Street of Dreams”

Tour these cozy “little homes,” featuring custom a luxury mini-mansions, container homes, off-the-grid homes, and even 2-story tiny homes.

Friday – Sunday, January 11 – 13

Friday,  January 11   10 am – 6 pm

Saturday,  January 12   10 am – 6 pm

Sunday,  January 13   10 am – 5 pm

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Arizona State Fairgrounds

1826 West McDowell Road, Phoenix 85007

Exercise Suggestions

• Beginners are suggested to begin their 10-minute fitness session on lower speeds until you become better accustomed to vibration fitness.

• Choose 5-10 positions of your choice, hold each pose for one to two minutes, then switch positions.

• Do not exercise on a full stomach.

• Drink plenty of pure water.

• Included with each machine is a chart of exercise positions and a DVD with a basic routine.  Also, you can adapt nearly any exercise to the platform: yoga postures, using hand weights, isometric exercises, stretches, step-up patterns, etc.