New Living Expo 2020

Visit us at our booth #411

Vibrate Fitness, from South Pasadena, California, returns for the seventh year to the 2020 New Living Expo on April 3 – 5 at the San Mateo Event Center, south of San Francisco.

“This conference is an example of the wide variety of presenters from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives we bring in,” said Ken Kaufman, executive producer and founder of New Living Expo. “The one common thread they all bring to the table are new and different ways of approaching better living and the future.”

Visitors can attend three full days of lectures and workshops with experts on medicine, cannabis, indigenous wisdom and other consciousness-raising topics. Such luminaries as David Wilcock, Caroline Myss, JJ and Desiree Hurtak, Dannion Brinkley, Laura Eisenhower, and many others bring lectures and workshops to the event.

The Expo features a bookstore with book signings, free film screenings, and sound healing sessions. The food court provides a variety of fresh and vegan meals, exotic Indian or Middle Eastern foods, juices, and coffee to sustain the hungry masses.

Visitors can visit the marketplace of 180 vendors promoting colorful festival attire, relaxing spa wear, unique jewelry, and original artwork, as well as the newest in health and well-being services and technology.

“Vibrate Fitness brings the latest in exercise equipment with four types of vibration plates for the attendees to experience,” said Nils Vidstrand, “keeping in mind that this rocking sensation is not for everyone, this expo is a chance to try out something new on the fitness horizon.”

Scientists for the space programs developed the vibration machines over forty years ago to combat muscle and bone density loss in the zero gravity of outer space. “The vibration plates rock back and forth causing muscle fibers to contract and resist the drop in gravity. This rocking motion causes the strengthening of muscles wherever the body is jiggling and also releases any knots of tension held by the muscles,” continues Vidstrand. “Folks can exercise in ten-minute sessions, build heart muscle and strong abs at their convenience at home or even in their office. The plates don’t take up much space.”

Attendees can see demonstrations of vibration exercise routines, hear a brief history of the technology and how it has finally come to the consumer market in America from Europe. Previous customers also stop at the Vibrate Fitness booth to share their results, show off their routines, and say hi.

A friendly crowd interested in what’s new, hip, and fun means a lively weekend of exploration. The New Living Expo will provide answers on the path of personal transformation.

April 3 – 5

Exhibition Hall Show hours:

Friday, April 3     3:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturday, April 4     10:00am – 8:00pm

Sunday, April 5     11:00am – 7:00pm

To visit the New Living website, click here.