The Best You Expo USA March 24-25, 2018

Visit us at booth 436 by the VIP Lounge and Inspiration Zone

The Best You Expo, a highly attended event in Europe is returning to the Long Beach Convention Center on March 24-25th.  Cutting edge lectures, presentations, exhibits, and demonstrations are drawing attendees from all over the United States and Canada.  The theme is to improve ourselves and therefore, make the world a better place.

“The Best You Expo believes that education and personal development leads to empowerment,” from their mission statement, “and supports individuals, organizations, and initiatives who strive to make the world a better place. With that foundation, our next focus will be to help dedicated individuals and organizations become the social energizers who make that vital difference. We provide practical answers, inspiration, guidance, and programs specifically designed to promote awareness and engage social action, and our varied platforms (magazines, digital tv, website, and events) provide the transformative tools necessary to facilitate change.”

“This is a very exciting event for Vibrate Fitness.  We all want to make the world a better place, however, the first step starts with us individually,” said Nils Vidstrand.  “We need to be healthy, strong and full of stamina to go out and contribute to others.  We must be efficient with time.  We’re showing that 10 minutes on a vibration platform equals 40-60 minutes on traditional elliptical and bike exercise equipment.  There is also a therapeutic and stress relieving component by using the machine.  Now, who couldn’t use support in the modern busy world?”

Bringing the personal development community together as a global community is a project bigger than any one individual or company, but let The Best You support you because together we can make a better world.

March 24 – 25

Exhibition Hall Show hours:

Saturday   9:30 – 6:30

Sunday   10:00 – 6:00


300 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA  90802

info: +1 562-436-3636