Tips and Suggestions

The number one tip: if you have any discomfort, consult your doctor.

Is your head feeling too uncomfortable with the shaking?  Do three things to adjust the vibration comfort:

  1. lower the speed of the machine
  2. move your feet closer together
  3. bend your knees

Slow the speed down, go slow.  If it still feels too uncomfortable at the lowest speed, follow the next suggestions.

The vibration experience is altered by adjusting your foot position.  Bring your feet closer together.  Remember, the closer to the center  of the plate, the less intense the vibration.  Standing with your feet in the center is the most gentle rocking vibration.

Also, slightly bend the knee; it’s more a “relaxation” of the knee and the vibration is felt in the lower body.  It takes time for the body to adjust to new sensations.  Be patient, gradually build strength and use the platform consistently.

In the beginning you can also place a chair in front of the plate with your feet resting on the platform.  Start with your feet in the center and gradually move them out to the edges, noticing how the intensity increases.  This increases circulation to the feet, legs and hips without stress.  (Imagine how vital this is to wheelchair folks, the balance-impaired or diabetic people: circulation without any struggle.)

Drink Water

It is advisable to drink some water before and after your 10-minute session to help eliminate toxins and flush the lymphatic system.  Drinking plenty of filtered or spring water daily can help revitalize energy in the body for a healthier well-being.

Benefits of drinking water include:

• Helps reduce indigestion

• Flush toxins

• Helps to flush lymphatic system

• Reduces stagnation in the kidneys

• Enhances metabolism rate

• Improves blood circulation and prevents heart disease

• Strengthens immune system

• Reduces stress

• Prevents fatigue and increase stamina

• Enhances skin texture

Exercise Suggestions

• Beginners are suggested to begin their 10-minute fitness session on lower speeds until you become better accustomed to vibration fitness.

• Choose 5-10 positions of your choice, hold each pose for one to two minutes, then switch positions.

• Do not exercise on a full stomach.

• Drink plenty of pure water.

• Included with each machine is a chart of exercise positions and a DVD with a basic routine.  Also, you can adapt nearly any exercise to the platform: yoga postures, using hand weights, isometric exercises, stretches, step-up patterns, etc.