Wholebeing Wellbeing Expo – Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Wholebeing Wellbeing Expo is a wellness event promoting local providers of goods and services. The Expo provides a spectrum of health techniques such as Prana Health Chiropractic with Dr. Abbey Hernandez to energy healing with Reiki from Boti Studios, and Total Health Mastery with Arnoux Goran. Diana Spirithawk will exhibit her ceremonial art pieces and book. Hypnotherapist and past life regression practitioner, Dagmar Bryant will be speaking at 1:00 pm with the Gallery of Mediumship with Glenn Bryant.
Dr. Aqueelah Richmond, an Arbonne International Consultant, focuses on talks that address real health concerns, giving insights and answers for the community. For skin health and glowing beauty, Diana Ralys, esthetician and author of “Your Health is your Beauty,” will lecture at noon.
Other exhibitors and speakers include Renee Moritz with spiritual connection and communication with animals. Sharifah Hardie, business consultant and motivational speaker, will host a live radio show from 10:00 to noon. Debbie Nuccio Durrough teaches classes in several modalities to”tune into self-expression and empowerment,” and Julie Lenhert will be demonstrating the latest smartband technology to improve one’s lifestyle.

Nils Vidstrand of Vibrate Fitness has the cutting-edge answer to “not enough time to go to the gym” and the remedy for the painful cell phone “tech neck.” He will be demonstrating vibration platform machines and answering questions at his exhibit.
“I’ll be showing how to take care of the upper back, shoulders, and neck that get tight from computer work. After loosening the tension, then strengthening the muscles, you get better posture and more stamina as a by-product of using your machine.”
At 1:30 in the Ballroom Annex Workshop Room, Nils Vidstrand will present a lecture about vibration plate workouts.

This day-long event allows introductions to local practitioners to their community in a congenial setting and the opportunity to try new things and ask questions.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Brea

900 East Birch Street, Brea CA 92821

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Tickets: $10 at the door

Vibrate Fitness booth 7-8

presentation: 1:30 in Ballroom Annex Workshop Room

Welcome to the Expo by Glenn Bryant, director

Glenn Bryant English Psychic Medium and healer. His aim is to provide proof of survival and healing messages from our loved ones in the Spirit World, and guidance with day to day issues e.g. relationships/finances/career through my psychic sensitivities and using the Tarot. He is also a qualified Reiki master and Spiritual healer/teacher. He has been working professionally for many years and is now based in Southern California, having worked and demonstrated across the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, India, Egypt, New Zealand and the United States.

Presenting Three New Age Technologies

Nils Vidstrand and Cecile Miranda

will be offering three different pathways to vibrant health at the Wholebeing Wellbeing Expo to demonstrate their lifelong pursuit of wellness, anti-aging, and pain relief. They are enthusiastic to share products that are effective, convenient and address critical issues in our modern life.

Vibration platform machines for home and office

Low impact resistance training improves muscle strength and tone, increases energy and stamina, circulation, weight loss, lymphatic drainage, bone density and muscle tension in a fraction of the time and with less effort compared to conventional exercise or gym workouts.

Polychromatic light pads, FDA cleared medical device

Light energy is essential to life, and light photons provide unequaled support to the body’s natural healing processes. Delivered via light emitting diodes at various wavelengths and is naturally absorbed by the cells to assist in the production of ATP, the energy required for cell repair and regeneration. This modality increases circulation and reduces pain in association with chronic physical pain, such as TBI, neuropathy and carpal tunnel to occasional headaches or chronic inflammation from arthritis to sports injury, also, for PTSD, depression, and mood disorders. Increasing circulation improves skin quality for anti-aging beauty facials.

Light is a nutrient: feed and repair your cells and feel better.  www.InLightMedical.com/VioletRay

Cellular Rejuvenation Beauty Crystals products

Cellular Rejuvenation Beauty Crystals products
Celluvation is the first biological product imprinted with the digital frequency of hydrogen, which our cells readily accept.
Digital frequencies are imprinted onto a crystalized tea base and when mixed with water activates the quantum formulas. For the first time, you can drink digital frequencies transferring information into the cells via the frequency of hydrogen. The key to well-being is hydration combined with other specific health-balancing formulas: “Youth” for skin, hair, nails and brain function, “Brain” for an increase in clarity and sustained focus, and “Collagen Activating Facial Mist,” a spray for the face, reducing lines and wrinkles from the inside out.
Celluvation also offers a “quantum coffee” of premium organic Arabica beans imprinted with the frequencies of hydrogen and cellular rejuvenation.